La Perouse, Galaup, Jean-Francois de

TWAIN, Mark (Samuel L. Clemens) (1835-1910)

VANCOUVER, George (1757-1798)

VENEGAS, Miguel (1680-1764)

EMORY, William H. (1811-1887)

DELLENBAUGH, Frederick Samuel (1853-1935)

The United States and Mexico West of The Rio Grande

Emory, Lt. Colonel, William H. (1811-1887)

DIXON, Captain George (1748-1795)

PORTLOCK, Captain Nathaniel (1748-1817)

ANSON, George - Voyages Around the World

ELLIS, Henry (1721-1806)

Twain, Mark [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910)

MELVILLE, Herman - Moby-Dick: The Whale

MELVILLE, Herman - Moby-Dick: The Whale

SPARRMAN, Andrew M.D. (1748-1820)

FRANKLIN, Sir John (1786-1847)

PARRY, Captain William Edward (1790-1855)

Arctic Zoology: Pennat, Thomas (1726-1798)

Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean

WARD, James

RYAN, William Redmond - Adventures in California

MOLLHAUSEN, [Heinrich] Baldwin (1825-1905)

Captain James Cook - Cook's Voyage

COOK, Captain James - KING, Captain James

COOK, Captain James (1728-1779)

COOK, Captain James (1728-1779) 7 Volume Set

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Our collection of Pacific Voyage and Exploration books changes on a regular basis. Many of the books we have for sale are not listed on line so please feel free to contact us with your inquiry. Currently we have sets of Captain Cook’s voyages with the remarkable atlas as well as several third voyage sets and other titles. We have First Edition voyage books by La Perouse, Labillairdiere, Dixon, Portlock, Meares, Beechey, Kotzebue and others, all in beautiful contemporary bindings. Travel and exploration books about the South Pacific and Hawaii are always available.


Pacific Coast Books also specializes California History with an emphasis on books from the Zamorano 80 list. Zamorano 80 titles are intended to represent the most significant books published on the history of California. It was compiled in 1945 by members of the Zamorano Club, a Los Angeles-based group of bibliophiles and scholars. Currently we have more than sixty First Edition Zamorano 80 books in our collection that are available for purchase.


We stock North American Exploration books primarily west of the Rocky Mountains; and from the North Pole to the tip of Baja Sur. Mackenzie, Lewis and Clark, Pike, Thompson and other trans-Mississippi explorers are always in stock as well as Arctic Explorers such as Franklin, Parry and Ross. Our collection also includes interesting Western Americana, Native Americans, George Wharton James, Yosemite, California Missions, Pacific Northwest History and fine press books from Thomas C. Russell and John Henry Nash. We look forward to assisting you by adding new books to your collection or selecting the perfect presentation, corporate, or special gift.


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