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Captain James Cook - Cook's Voyage
COOK, Captain James - KING, Captain James
COOK, Captain James (1728-1779)
COOK, Captain James (1728-1779) 7 Volume Set
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WHYMPER, Frederick (1838-1901)
WHYMPER, Frederick (1838-1901)
Routes of Exploration in Alaska in 1898
Routes of Exploration in Alaska in 1898
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Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean
WARD, James
RYAN, William Redmond - Adventures in California
MOLLHAUSEN, [Heinrich] Baldwin (1825-1905)
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SPARRMAN, Andrew M.D. (1748-1820)
FRANKLIN, Sir John (1786-1847)
PARRY, Captain William Edward (1790-1855)
Arctic Zoology: Pennat, Thomas (1726-1798)
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Twain, Mark [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835-1910)
MELVILLE, Herman - Moby-Dick: The Whale
MELVILLE, Herman - Moby-Dick: The Whale
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Ke Kauoha Hou a ko Kakou Haku e Ola’l - The New Testament
SEVERSON, Donald R. - Specimens of Hawaiian Kapa Assembled
Ka Palapala Hemolele - First Hawaiian Bible Issued as a Single Publication
O Ke Kumu Leomele
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DIXON, Captain George (1748-1795)
PORTLOCK, Captain Nathaniel (1748-1817)
ANSON, George - Voyages Around the World
ELLIS, Henry (1721-1806)
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EMORY, William H. (1811-1887)
DELLENBAUGH, Frederick Samuel (1853-1935)
United States and Mexico West of The Rio Grande
Emory, Lt. Colonel, William H. (1811-1887)
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La Perouse, Galaup, Jean-Francois de
TWAIN, Mark (Samuel L. Clemens) (1835-1910)
VANCOUVER, George (1757-1798)
VENEGAS, Miguel (1680-1764)
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